Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Car at the Airport

Posted on Airport Transportation, Ground Transportation September 15, 2017 by Hilbert Jones

Most Americans think nothing of driving their cars to the airport and leaving them in the parking lot while they’re away. However, it’s much smarter to leave your car at home.

Your Car Isn’t Safe

Most airports have security cameras but don’t believe they make your car secure. Studies show that cars have a greater risk of theft, per hour parked, when they’re in parking facilities instead of at home. Airport parking lots are often poorly lit, and there are typically blind spots where the cameras can’t reach. On-the-ground surveillance is rare, and the parking lots are poorly secured, so it’s relatively easy for someone to break into your vehicle and steal your possessions or the car itself.

It Can Be Inconvenient

Many people think driving themselves to the airport is the convenient option, but this myth is usually dispelled when they arrive. It’s often difficult to know which parking lot is the closest to your terminal. Even if you do know where to go, you might find the lot full of other vehicles. As you drive around looking for an open parking space, you’ll feel your blood boiling. When a space finally appears, it might be miles away from your terminal. Wrestling with your luggage as you make your way to the gates is a real inconvenience.

Airport Parking Is Expensive

With prices exceeding $30 a day at some of America’s priciest airport parking lots, parking at the airport could leave you with a massive bill. You can save yourself the money, leaving more in your pocket for those vacation souvenirs, if you simply leave your car at home.

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