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MSC Seaside

A new generation of cruise ships with cutting-edge technology and modern architecture will be led by the MSC Seaside. This was the first to be ship to be christened in the US as an MSC Cruise ship. The first voyage will commence on December of 2017 from the Port of Miami to the Caribbean and will sail all year round.

The overall design of the MSC Seaside is well suited for warm weather travel, which allows you to experience the positive benefits of traveling through the ocean. This is done by connecting the outside and indoor areas in a way that gives you freedom. Wrapped around the cruise ship is the waterfront promenade, which gives guests an opportunity to eat, shop, sunbathe, and enjoy panoramic views of the ocean from the elevators.

Furthermore, there is an interactive “Aquapark at Sea” which provides a dose of fun you’ll be coming back on a daily basis for. Then there is the Slide boarding technology, which is cutting edge waterpark technology that allows the whole family to enjoy a slide. So what are you waiting for, book a once in a lifetime cruise ship experience on the revolutionary MSC Seaside.

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