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Crown Princess

The Crown Princess has all the latest technology in cruise ship manufacturing and can accommodate up to 3,080 guests. The romantic landscapes the Crown Princess travels to can be enjoyed from the 900 balconies onboard. Besides the scenic views, there is plenty to get excited about onboard that will allow you to forget the outside world.

The dining experiences will be fresh and unique on a daily basis. You can enjoy a world class steak from the Crown Grill, or alternatively something from the “The Salty Dog Gastropub.” Since dinning is 24/7 onboard the Crown Princess you will not go hungry for long during the cruise.

Worried you’ll get bored? Well don’t, because there is plenty of entertainment and activities to be enjoyed on the Crown Princess. There is a casino, movie theater, swimming pool, gym, nightclub and much more. For most it is too much to take in during their first cruise. So if you’re interested in an experience of a lifetime consider booking a cruise onboard the Crown Princess.

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