Keeping Your Car Safe During Hurricane Irma

Posted on South Florida September 6, 2017 by Nick Adams

As a South Florida native, you most likely know the drill during hurricane season. Putting up shutters, stocking up on water and taking in your patio furniture are almost second nature at this point. Although these are all important precautions that are necessary to protect your family and home, it is also important to know that hurricane preparedness extends to your vehicles as well.

Follow These 6 Tips to Protect Your Vehicle

  1. Fill Your Tank. Make sure to fuel up your car just in case you need to evacuate or go get help after the dangerous weather subsides.
  2. Park in a Safe Spot. Consumer Reports recommends parking on high grounds to avoid damage to your vehicle in the case of flooding. Additionally, many homes are built according to hurricane regulations and have garage doors engineered to withstand severe storms. If your garage is highly secure and hurricane proof, park your car inside your garage to avoid flying objects or falling trees.
  3. Check Your Tire Pressure. If debris is in the streets, your tire could puncture much more easily if it has low pressure and you don’t want to deal with a flat tire if you are trying to evacuate.
  4. Double check if all of your windows and sunroof are closed tight. If any windows were accidentally left open even a tiny crack, you could risk severe water damage to your car.
  5. Insurance Paperwork. Put an extra copy of your insurance in a Ziplock baggy for safe keeping.
  6. Take pictures. In case you need to prove that your car was damaged by the storm, take a few pictures of the current state of your car to keep on file.

Remember to drive only if it’s necessary. In the event that you do need to use your vehicle, you want to avoid flooded roads and washed-out bridges. Beware of fallen objects, downed power lines and weakened walls, bridges, roads and sidewalks.

Infinity Transportation takes vehicle safety very seriously in the South Florida area. Try to follow these guidelines for some quick preparation to ensure your car stays safe during the storm.

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