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Coral Princess

Winner of the “Cruisers Choice, Cruise Critic” award in 2014 the Coral Princess is specifically designed to efficiently navigate through the Panama Canal Locks. Enjoying panoramic views of the surroundings in this vessel isn’t a problem as there are 700 balcony rooms.

There’s a variety of onboard entertainment to pass the time such as a movie theater, sporting events, and concerts. There is so much to do and enjoy on a nightly basis that you’ll find yourself finding it hard to make a choice of how to spend your time.

The dining options onboard the Coral Princess provides something for everyone. You have access to fine dining 24/7 and with so much variety, your taste buds will be well-catered to. The interior décor of the dining areas will make you feel like you have arrived at a top class restaurant.

Have you ever wanted to take a cruise of a lifetime? You cannot go wrong with the Coral Princess, by booking an adventure with this cruise ship you’ll have memories to last you a long time.

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