5 Events To Use Party Buses

Posted on Ground Transportation, Party Buses December 15, 2017 by Hilbert Jones

Imagine a limousine on steroids and you have a Party Bus. Next time your group of friends are trying to get from A to B for a special event, a party bus could be the ticket to an unforgettable experience. No need to worry about designated drivers, directions or how many ride share services to call for a specific time – a party bus lets you enjoy your event with your friends and family and leave the automobile situation to Infinity – sans the waiting time and surcharges you might encounter with Uber or Lyft.

  1. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party. A Party Bus gives you the opportunity to really relish in the last moments of freedom before the big day. Whether you are hitting the clubs, casinos or relaxing at the spa, bachelor and bachelorette parties are time to come together and enjoy every moment together before things get more serious. Going together allows you to enjoy popping a bottle of champagne or opening pre-wedding gifts in celebration.
  2. Sports Game. Add a whole new element to Miami Dolphins or Marlins games this season by rolling up to the tailgate in a party bus. The traffic and parking prices are always a headache and make entering/exiting the premises an annoyance. By taking a party bus, you only have to worry about bringing hot dogs, cold brews and what time the game starts.
  3. Concerts. Just like airports, concert venues always seem to be an hour away in the middle of nowhere. Infinity’s party buses can blast music with LED laser lights to get you pumped for the concert while pre-gaming and chatting with your friends side-by-side.
  4. Weddings. If you’re looking for a fun way to get your wedding party to the venue, a party bus gets everyone in the mood to celebrate their favorite people tying the knot! A party bus is less formal than what the bride and groom might be interested in, but creates a great atmosphere to arrive to the big day!
  5. Prom night or Homecoming. Prom night only happens once in your life, so it has got to be as special and enjoyable as possible. Sometimes hotels don’t have much parking and no one wants to get dropped off at prom or homecoming by their parents! Enjoy your special night with music, lights and the perfect atmosphere to get you in the mood for dancing with your special date.

The commute to events can be a bore sitting in traffic and waiting for your turn in the parking queue. Bring life to your travel with a party bus that helps you enjoy the before and after of your event as well! Contact Infinity Transportation today to organize a party bus for your next event.

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